Missoula Lacrosse

The Sports Barn offers Missoula lacrosse players a premier spot to train and play, all year long.

Missoula Lacrosse Camp

Missoula Lacrosse Camps

The Sports Barn in Missoula wants to push lacrosse players to be better on and off the field. We offer a local Missoula lacrosse training program that ranges from beginning training camps for elementary school kids to high school and adult players looking to take their game to the next level. No matter if you’re looking to get into the sport or looking to push yourself in new ways, we’ve got you covered!

Missoula Lacrosse Leagues

The Brown Bear Lacrosse team offers Missoula lacrosse players of all ages and skill ranges an array of leagues to play in. From 6-on-6 box lacrosse leagues to full team leagues you’ll find all your competitive lacrosse leagues here at The Sports Barn. With leagues running all year round both outside during the summer and in our indoor facility during these harsh Montana winters, you’ll never have to worry about not being able to play!

Missoula Lacrosse
missoula lacrosse coach


Our head coach Ryan Hanavan provides Missoula lacrosse players with top tier coaching that will help players develop at all skill levels on and off the field. With over 25 years of experience coaching at all levels, Ryan is dedicated to providing professional coaching to all players he come in contact with.

Brown Bear Lacrosse Athlete Development Portal

The Brown Bear Lacrosse Athlete Development Portal is the key towards unlocking new lacrosse skills and techniques. We offer both individual lacrosse instruction and lacrosse instruction for small groups.

Individual Instruction

  • All Ages
  • Fee: $45/hour

Small Group Instruction

  • All Ages
  • Fee: $35/hour
  • 2-5 Athletes Max

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